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Dobinsons 4x4 140 AMP Dual Battery Wiring Kit with LCD Voltage Monitor and Automatic Solenoid

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  • 13.3V cut in, 12.8V cut out, Ignition Protected
  • Includes all hardware, 5m (15ft) cables
  • Reversible LCD Display screen for upside down mounting, if desired
  • Displays both battery readings simultaneously
  • Suitable for 4x4's, Trucks, Vans, Trailers

This is a complete dual battery kit (without battery tray) which provides automatic voltage sensitive battery isolation through the relay provided. It is ignition protected, includes all installation hardware, generous 5 meter (15ft) long cables to cover rear mounted batteries, reversible display screen for overhead & foot well mounting, and dual voltage display monitor with backlit LCD screen displaying both battery readings simultaneously. EA80-3830 - Dual battery kit fitting guide This is an ideal kit for those 4x4 owners who have added a lot of additional 12V accessories on their vehicles, and need to split the load across 2 batteries. This kit includes everything you will need electronically, but you will need to provide your own 2nd battery mount. The complete kit contains: 140 Amp Voltage Sensitive Isolator 5m (15ft) Heavy Duty Red and Black Cables 10m (30ft) of Split Conduit Dual-Display LCD Voltage Monitor 2 x Battery Terminals 6 x Cable Lugs and Heat Shrink Mounting Screws and Crimping Lugs