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Dobinsons 4x4 Rooftop Tent Ladder Extension Piece - Adds 20 Inches(CE80-3931)

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  • Adds on to your existing roof top tent ladder to create a 7.5 FT long ladder
  • Adds approximately 2 feet to your existing ladder - New holes need to be drilled in desired location
  • Easy to Install/Uninstall from your existing ladder
  • Fits into tent package on your roof top, does not come with any bag or cover
  • Simple, effective, and necessary if your vehicle tent is mounted on a high roof

This is a slide-on rooftop tent ladder extension to suit many different brands on the market these days. Simply pull the pins that come on the ladder ends, slide onto existing ladder, measure the overall length and get the angle right, then drill 2 new holes in your existing ladder so that the stop pins will stop in your ladder, making the entire ladder rigid and secure. When done, simply store the ladder extension under your rooftop tent cover next to the existing ladder. This does not come with any cover or bag.