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Dobinsons Rear 15mm Polyurethane Coil Spacers (single) Toyota Land Cruiser 80 100 105(PS59-4006)

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  • High Quality Polyurethane, maintains height over time
  • Perfect fit between OE isolator and coil seat
  • Sold single, available front and rear for several vehicles
  • Lasts longer than rubber
  • Easy to add lift height for worn coils

Specifically suited to the Rear Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series from 1990-97, and 100 series from 1998 to 2007, giving 15mm of lift. Sold single. Dobinsons Spring & Suspension offer these quality polyurethane coil spacers, designed to add additional lift to your vehicle if your coil springs have sagged or lost height over time. Sold single, each spacer is intended to be mounted between the coil seat and the original coil isolator, to avoid any possible noise issues. NOTE: Adding coil spring spacers to the vehicle may cause "coil bind" (all coils closed together) before the bump stop comes into effect. This can cause very serious damage to the spring and/or suspension components. Please consider this before ordering.